“Dreams are what drive us”

You don’t have to be a football or even sports fan to take in the grand history of the Green Bay Packers.┬áBonnie and I had a ball, invited by Offensive Coordinator Tom Clements (his wife Queenie in middle of us here, under statue of the sage Coach Vince Lombardi). Coach Lombardi left us with many strong ideas. One that always hit me was his:

“Dreams are what drive us.”

Green Bay Wisconsin has a population of 104,000 and their beloved Lambeau Field sits almost the whole town, 80k.

The woman next to me at the game, age 44, has not missed a home game since she was five years old.

This is a unique sports town in that the citizens of Green Bay literally own the team. They vote on every decision made.

Bonnie a true Packers fan…note her clutching her coveted ball signed by Aaron Rodgers. We stood in front of Rodger’s locker on our private tour of the stadium, the only locker room in the NFL designed in an oval shape, not putting any star factor on any player.

The Packers are pure Americana, including the lovable cheese heads. It was 12 degrees at kickoff. We Californians, thin-blooded at this point, had feet and hand warmers, ski pants, triple hat gear. The Pack lost the last game of the regular NFL season but still live to play the Redskins this weekend.

Win or lose, we were in awe to be in Packer land.

And I even got to work out with one of my favorite Packers of all time, James Lofton.