5am Update, Landing Time & Location

September 2, 2013 at 5am. Swim Time: 44:00
Navigator John Bartlett

As Diana makes her approach to Key West, here is the latest update from Navigator John Bartlett.

Diana is on course to swim 112 statute miles. This is 35 more miles than anyone has ever swam.

We’re expecting to cross reef marker 32 at 11 a.m.

Then we have 5 miles to Smather’s Beach in Key West, which is 1 1/3 miles east of White Street Pier.

Local knowledge from teammates tells us it is an ideal landing spot for Diana.

We hope to make that landing between 4pm and 6pm today.


John Bartlett, who has been on the escort boat Voyager throughout the swim, has been sitting at the nav station there for the last couple hours working out the details.

During this time, Diana has stopped numerous times to tread water trying to restore herself. We don’t know how strong she is swimming at this point, but we’ll get an update soon.” Usually seeing the dawn helps; daylight tends to uplift her.

John stresses the following: “The greatest variable here is the extension of human endurance; how long will it take her to make those last 100 strokes at the end, and all the ones from here to then?



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