Backstroke “keeping up her pace very well”

Sunday 1:50am EST 10:07 Swim time

Quoting Official Observer Steve Munatones over the VHF:

“At 12.5 nautical miles, Diana has been backstroking for an hour, rather smoothly. She looks very good; I understand it was her former stroke.* Navigator John Bartlett reports that her backstroke is keeping up her pace very well. She was dry heaving 10 minutes ago, but she is now eating some solid food, pasta.”

Karen Richardson, who was on Voyager at the time, came aboard Quest (social media boat) and reported what she witnessed: “Diana didn’t seem all that bothered by it. She described the pain as a 5 and kept on swimming. She’s not backstroking from fatigue but simply to try to get through what seems like a swarm with the most covered part of her head.

*Note: From age 10 through her teenage years, Diana Nyad trained for the Olympics in the backstroke.

–Christi Barli, reporting from aboard Quest in the Florida Straits

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