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2 years ago

Facebook LIVE: “Bold Aging” Chime in below and join the conversation!

3 years ago
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I am a week away from turning 70.

On one hand, I’m not freaked out.
I get up every day, prepared to dance
as fast as I can.
On the other hand, there is no doubt that the time left is alarmingly ... See more

3 years ago
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Our profound collective sympathy extends to all those killed, injured, or anywhere near the recent shootings.

Maybe, just maybe, new legislation regarding both more stringent background checks and ... See more

3 years ago

It was one of the staggering moments of our modern history whereby those of us alive at the time remember just where we were, what we were doing.

Where were you when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the ... See more

3 years ago
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It’s a banner moment for women’s sports.

Our US Women’s Soccer Team is undisputedly the best in the world. Billboards around the country exhibit their smiling faces, their fit bodies. Hundreds ... See more

3 years ago

Enjoy your bbq’s, parades, and celebrations of our Independence. This was the day, July 4th (actually, initially, July 2)that we the people declared our choice to live under the liberty of our own ... See more

3 years ago

I’m of course flattered when any swimmer or athlete writes me words of admiration but, honestly, it touches me perhaps more significantly when someone from a completely different sphere has derived ... See more

3 years ago
Le Anne Schreiber, 73, Dies; a First Among Sports Editors

My brilliant friend, Le Anne Schreiber, the first and still only woman editor of the New York Times Sports page, has succumbed to the same horrific lung cancer that took both her parents and her only ... See more

She was the first woman to run a major American daily newspaper’s sports section — that of The New York Times. She was later an ombudswoman for ESPN.

3 years ago
Today’s ‘Stonewall Spirit’ LGBTQ athlete: Diana Nyad

It’s PRIDE month and I am proud indeed to be included in the list of athletes who have stood up, loud and proud, and now be named in memory of the powerful Stonewall history.

Now that Gay America ... See more

Best known for her world record swim from Cuba to Florida, Nyad’s greatest achievement was proving LGBTQ people could be normalized.

3 years ago
Photos from Diana Nyad's post

We at EverWalk present our fourth EPIC walk end of summer and TOMORROW is the last day for registration at the original fee.

We’ll start with a 20-mile tour of the iconic sites of Philadelphia, ... See more

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