Training in St. Thomas

Part of loyal Xtreme Dream team here in St Thomas with me.

Dee Brady charts a course for our first 12-hour excursion.

John and Pauline Berry organize a long day, making sure all our provisions, meds, are in order.

We start out in pristine Megan’s Bay. Friday will be over to St John and into protected National Park waters. Haven’t decided on Sunday yet.

May be true that once your head is down and you’re pressing for 12 hours, exerting and trying with crew to deal with jellyfish and seasickness and keeping up fluids and calories, you may not notice where you are.

But the last four years of training, from the spectacular Sea of Cortez off La Paz, Mexico, to the azure ocean of St Maarten (I have loved the goal of going from St Maarten to Anguilla and back) to the wild strong current off Puerto Morelos, Mexico to the gentle quiet off Key West to this idyllic oil painting St. Thomas and the surrounding Virgin Islands….each place has been a natural privilege to behold and swim through….and each place has brought me closer to friends and colleagues and the citizens of these places who all share the love of the sea.

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BRAVO to Jason Collins

Kwaku Alston/For Sports Illustrated

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.”
Jason Collins

The locker rooms, the showers of male professional team sports….the hallowed last bastion of American machismo…have just been bust open, forever evolved, by one brave NBA center named Jason Collins.

OK, this isn’t Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning coming out. But if Collins isn’t a household name superstar, he’s a longtime pro who has earned his stripes on the hardwood floors of the elite.

We have slowly witnessed the emergence of gay politicians, educators, military men, leaders from every corner of American life. But we have been told, by the players themselves, that an out gay man in our revered universe of major professional sports would be a long, long time in coming. Perhaps not in this lifetime.

The handful of retired pro athletes to come out, replete with their horror stories of mandatory virile bravado, have assured us an openly gay man in the NBA, the NFL, MLB CANNOT exist.

The sacred image, stemming from the Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth days, of men in sports uniforms as the epitome of masculinity has been clung to with unwavering zeal.
But the broadening of the notion of masculinity, as well as the acceptance that gay and masculine are not mutually exclusive terms, is upon us.

One Jason Collins is black. Yet he doesn’t wake up self-defined a black man every day. Collins is a rare specimen, one of the few who makes his living entertaining us with his athletic skill and heart. Yet he is not fixed nor limited by his athletic prowess alone. Collins is gay. Yet being gay is not his raison d’etre.

Jason Collins is living out loud his inalienable human right to love as he chooses. And he’s found the courage, after living in the shadows of his truth all his adult life, to set a new standard. An historic standard.

Some of Collins’ basketball peers, and those from football and baseball and hockey ranks might express their repulsion, confusion, slowness to accept this gay brother in their intimate quarters.

But my sense is we will be shocked to witness how quickly male team sports pro athletes applaud, defend and embrace Jason Collins.
I don’t even think it hyperbole to imagine Collins as a modern-day Rosa Parks of sorts. A man who simply could not bear to be anything but his whole self, who simply had to do the right thing.

Collins has made history. He will be lauded and remembered for his words “I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation….Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand.”

Bravo to you, Jason Collins. At 34, as a free agent, your playing days may be numbered. But let’s hope you get another year or two under the basket so that we can all stand up and salute your eloquence, your humanity, your courage. Bravo!

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@jasoncollins34 the @diananyad community proudly supports you in this great victory. We stand together.

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The NYAD 48 Hour New York City Swim For Hurricane Sandy Relief

Update!!! We have pushed the exciting NYAD 48 New York City 48-Hour swim to early October, to coincide with the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Many of you have inquired about the event, how to donate to our Sandy Relief, how to sign up to swim in the lane next to me…. with a new time slot in New York City for early October, we have more time to make NYAD 48 the unique, inspiring, Big Buzz event that you will be able to participate in…and that will help the victims of Sandy’s wrath in a more meaningful way.

Stay tuned…

The 24-HOUR pool swim in Palm Springs was a bonding community experience. I have so many people to thank.

First of all, except for my two longtime buddies, Candace and LeAnne, I had no idea if I’d be swimming most of the hours alone.

But my friend Peg McCloud, who organized the entire event with the Director of the Palm Springs Parks & Rec Dept, Vicki Oltean, busted out fliers and local media buzz….and the Palm Springs swimmers showed up, big time!! Literally every minute of the 24 HOURS, there was at least one swimmer keeping pace in the lane next to me. Laura at 3 am. Robert at 5am. Aliciaand Rebecca and Jessica and Amy. And so many more. I took to open rather than flip turns and when Alicia paced me we would glance at each other and give a quick nod on every single turn. She gave me such spirit.

And Bonnie. There she was, as always. For 24 HOURS, she was at every turn, every feed, solving every problem, anticipating every next solution.Bonnie is a rock. All the right athletic instincts from her own days as a professional athlete. All the compassion of a best friend. All the determination and stamina to lead me to the finish line. I hope all of you have such a friend in your lives.

I found myself thinking Boston Strong at many moments. It’s true that any community in America would rally if wounded by such detestable criminal acts. To wit, New York and Oklahoma City. But we saw the heart and soul of Boston, our centuries-old city of blue-collar blood, run and lift with courage deserving of medals of honor. I found myself grieving over the four precious lives lost. And I grit my teeth with anger to picture those innocents now coping with devastating injuries.

Boston Strong. We Americans admire you. You are a special, beloved people. A treasured city of our treasured country. Peace and hope be with you, Boston.

Many laps I also imagined what life would be like if a raging hurricane ripped the roof off my home, tore the floor boards to the Heavens, and left me and my neighbors homeless, with zero recourse to start anew. What if FEMA had not come through with funds? What if my Homeowners Insurance was telling me my loss doesn’t fall under their umbrella, that I need to collect from Flood Insurance? Yet Flood is telling me no, it’s Homeowners’ responsibility. So I’m living with my family in a flea-bag motel for seven months now. No refrigerator. No stove. And the state will stop payment for this room on May 1.

What if?

After Hurricane Sandy ravaged many New York and New Jersey communities last fall, I began a dialogue with the Head Legal Counsel of New York City, Carol Robles-Roman. A month later, a plan was hatched.

We are building a custom pool and we’re going to install it in Times Square at the start of 2013 Hurricane Season. Starting Tuesday morning, May 28, In early October I will swim in one lane for 48 continuous hours. In the lane next to me, we will invite all kinds of notable New Yorkers, from professional athletes to Broadway stars, to media personalities, to do a few laps.

We will also welcome the public at large to swim in the Times Square pool as well.

All the money we raise by this event, called NYAD 48, will go to Hurricane Sandy Relief.

The statement made is “We have not forgotten you“. Just as we ourselves would hope we would not be forgotten.

Good Morning America will be our media partner, broadcasting live every morning during the swim.

Thanks in advance to George Stephanopoulos and Sam Championfor their great spirit in volunteering to swim some minutes each!

So, this past weekend’s 24-HOUR in Palm Springs was on one hand a singular experience for all of us, on site and those of you who so kindly encouraged from afar.

But it was also training for NYAD 48.

Trust me, I don’t for a moment underestimate how challenging those hours are going to be.

Keep following us as we will soon announce both the donation site for our Hurricane Sandy Relief….and give you the sign-up details for swimming and helping pace me in Times Square.

ONWARD, my friends, ONWARD!!


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Come Swim With Me This Weekend

I’ll be swimming 24 HOURS nonstop this week-end in a gorgeous Palm Springs pool. Stunning setting, mountains circling at 360 degrees.

Prep for a unique 48-HOUR swim in a pool we’re custom-building in Italy and installing in Times Square end of May.

Big Buzz NYC fund-raiser event for Hurricane Sandy Relief, just as 2013 Hurricane season starts.

Well-known New Yorkers, such as George Stephanopoulos, as well as the public at large (maybe YOU!!), will join me and show the victims of Sandy, many virtually still homeless, that we have not forgotten them. Good Morning America will be our media partner, broadcasting live all three mornings.

But more on that in the coming weeks.

This week-end, if you’re in the Palm Springs area, I hope many of you will come join me (do as many laps as you choose, from just a couple to many dozen) and start the awareness of the NYAD 48 event later in May.

Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet has graciously offered to dive in for a few laps with me.

We, the citizens of the world, are grieving for our friends in Boston this week. To express a solidarity among athletes, those who bravely ran the fabled Boston Marathon on Monday, our Xtreme Dream Team and I will be especially focused on their courage and their heartache during Hour One and Hour Twenty-Four this week-end.
Join our Twitter campaign and send your hearts to Boston with us 6-7pm PST Saturday and 5-6pm PST Sunday.

Come down to the Palm Springs pool. Talk to my Head Handler Bonnie. Swim a bit with me. Or just hang out poolside. We’d love to have your company.

Start time: 6pm, Saturday, April 20th, 2013
Finish: 6pm, Sunday, April 21, 2013

Palm Springs Swim Center
405 S. Pavillon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Tel: 760 323.8278

Click here to Download the flier.

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Swim w/ @DianaNyad at #PalmSpringsPoolCenter from 6-7pm PST, this Saturday April 20th, & from 5-6pm PST this Sunday April 21st! Pls Retweet

Getting excited for @DianaNyad #24hr #XtremeDream in Palm Springs! Rooting you on as you swim for #HurricaneSandy & remember #BostonMarathon

@DianaNyad I’m coming to swim with you for the #XtremeDream #24hr #PalmSprings event for #HurricaneSandy & #BostonMarathon. I can’t wait!

If only I could be in #PalmSprings this weekend for @DianaNyad #24hr #HurricaneSandy & #BostonMarathon nonstop swim. I would dive in w/ you!

And don’t forget to also …

COMMENT BELOW: Tell me in the comments below if you can make it to Palm Springs this weekend OR leave your well wishes for our Hurricane Sandy and Boston Marathon communities.

As always,

Boston Heartache

We, the citizens of the world, are heartbroken for the good people of Boston today.

It is devastating to see the images of fear, dire injuries, even death at the finish line of one of our nation’s most storied sporting events. An event for the people, not the elite. An event where courage and joy are both summoned. An event that has come to define one of our great cities.

Today we are at a loss.

You can see it in President Obama’s face, hear it in his voice….no matter the words of conviction, that we will find these criminals, that they will be punished….that he is at a loss.
You can interpret from the terrorist experts’ comments that they are at a loss. One quiet individual can stroll past a garbage can at the finish line area of the Boston Marathon, at perhaps 3 in the morning, and gently place a small brown package inside, the timer set to go off at the 4-hour mark of the race, when the critical mass of runners will be crossing the line. We’re instructed in our society at large today to always be on the look-out for odd people, odd packages. But in the midst of the huge population, what are the chances that a small brown package is going to catch our attention?

You can see the media, grasping for straws. They invite child psychologists to dole out advice on how to counsel our children through these tragic moments, all the while promising us to report on the who, why, how of the crime….when they are at an obvious loss to ferret out such facts.

We are clearly living in a new America.

Senseless school shootings by mentally ill individuals with easy access to military, rapid-fire weapons.

Deranged terrorists with hatred running through their veins.

So what do we do when at a such a loss for answers, for recourse, for future protection?

We live. We stand up and applaud those thousands who yesterday took their brave strides through the fabled Boston neighborhoods. We are thankful for the strong and immediate response of both officials and citizens at large who ran and carried and assured at the scene of the horrific crime.

We don’t live in fear. We are Americans who believe in the pursuit of happiness.

Yes, today we mourn. We haven’t stopped mourning Newtown. Nor Columbine. Nor Aurora. Nor Oklahoma City.

We are enmeshed in a continuous collective mourning.

But we live.

Courage to all those in Boston, suffering and coping.
Know that we are feeling deeply for you.

I had planned on starting a ‘Tuesday Tips’ today over on our social media pages. However, given everything that’s happened, I can’t think of a single tip more beneficial to our group than that of gratitude and support. I’m reaching out to our community and I’m asking each one of you to help me lend our love to those who need it most, right now. If you feel so moved, will you join me in sharing this message with our Boston family?

The Nyad community via @DianaNyad sends its deepest sympathies and well wishes to all our #BostonMarathon friends & family.

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Tiger….The Thrill Is Gone


Were you rooting for Tiger through this week-end’s Masters tournament? Were you rooting against him? Or did you basically not care?

Me? I don’t care about his marriage infidelities. Not really. Not any more than I cared about Bill Clinton’s dalliance with Monica L. What if we knew every sex-life detail of every world-class athlete? What then?

But I do long for that Tiger Woods we first saw at the 1997 Masters, his long stride swaggering up the 18th, a specimen of a body, a swing of sheer heaven. The whole world knew we were witness to a once-in-a-decade, maybe once-in-a-lifetime sports rarity.

Will Tiger win another Major? I wouldn’t bet against him.

Will he overcome his fall-from-grace stretch, several years now off his once-brilliant game, and eventually overtake Jack Nicklaus’ fabled 18 Majors? Odds against it.

Tiger is still a force. Every tournament yearns to have him in the week-end mix, for ratings, for fans. But the mystique has faded. There was a time when it wasn’t only his deft skill with a 2 iron that flattened the field. There was also the intangible aura that had the field intimidated, had them quite certain that they had no chance against the guy in the scarlet shirt called Tiger.

Adam Scott was captivating with his heroic birdie putts and his humble Aussie sporting jaunt as he took this year’s Masters.

Equally magnetic was Scott’s playoff opponent, the suave Argentine Angel Cabrera. The young Aussie Jason Day, the even younger 14-year-old Chinese sensation Tianland Guan both wowed the crowd.

Yes, it was exciting to see Tiger in the mix. Yes, he is ever a special talent. But it used to be that “as Tiger goes, so goes golf.”

The game is brimming with other-than-Tiger excitement.

And the playing field has been leveled. Each potential champion has a bag of clubs, some inner demons to put at bay while staring down the shot on the immediate club face, the same steady drizzle weighing down the greens.

The Tiger Thrill is Gone.

Robin Roberts will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Robin Roberts has been back at her anchor desk post on Good Morning America for about a month now. Following the public, harrowing experience of her bone marrow transplant, we the public worried for Robin. We tracked her medical journey. We suffered for her when times were frightening and her future was unsure. We rooted for her when she had reason to doubt that precious life and happy days would be hers again.

It was announced this week that Robin will soon receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. What a fitting recognition for a woman we collectively embrace as a National treasure.

As a longtime friend of Robin’s, I can share with you that there are good reasons that so many of us, friends and strangers alike, are drawn to this woman. We trust her. We like her. We admire her. Robin, unlike many celebrities, is not an A-list thinker. If you could be the proverbial fly on the wall at a power black tie event and witness Robin all night long, she’s not the type who manoevers her way over to the A-list big names all night. You’ll find Robin back in the kitchen hallway, laughing and chatting with a bus boy who happens to be from down along the Mississippi coast.

Robin’s is a true-blood “people person”. She listens to and respects every individual who comes within her sight line. She loves people. And that’s why we love her.

Great to see you BACK, my friend. We hope you’re enjoying the heck out of living it all large again….as much as we’re enjoying watching you.

Same Sex Marriage Center Stage: The Train is Moving Rapidly Down the Tracks of America

Gay rights take center stage as the civil rights issue of our time.

This week’s Supreme Court hearings, based on two separate cases, evoked a wide swatch of views from the justices and attending attorneys.

It is fascinating to peer inside the deep-thinking brains of our Supreme Court justices and listen to their analyses of a myriad of intricacies of the law.

On this particular issue, Same Sex Marriage, it wasn’t clear where the majority of the Court was leaning after Tuesday’s presentation of the California’s Prop 8 Law that bans Same-Sex Marriage. There were certainly the age-old “Bible violation”, “family values defamation” arguments that back Prop 8. Four of the Justices seemed to lean in that direction. Three seemed to be going toward the new wave of public acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage. Justice Thomas was silent. And Justice Kennedy, per usual, was left as the swing vote.

That was Tuesday. Liberals were somewhat discouraged.

Wednesday, the presentation of the Edie Windsor case, a charming, articulate woman who lost her female love of 40 years and, even though they were legally married in the state of New York, had to pay some $300,000 in estate taxes….which she wouldn’t have owed, had they been a heterosexual couple… seemed to prompt Justice comments that indicated a clear road to axing the Defense of Marriage Act in the near future.

The Court won’t make any formal rulings until early summer.

But it is abundantly evident that the train toward same-sex equality in all aspects of marriage (inheritance, taxes, all of it) is moving not steadily but rapidly down the tracks of America. Some 70% of the Millennials (ages 18 to 32) support gay marriage. Is there any doubt, with the quick progress, from the first gay marriage anywhere in the world only 13 years ago to the wide-sweeping acceptance in this country today, that we are not too far from 100%, full-blown normalcy of Same-Sex Marriage?

Even more than the Justice’s statements, it’s the Republicans’ voices this week that most significantly signal the progressive status of the issue:

Republican Strategist Ana Navarro: “There is no putting this genie back in the bottle. It is undeniable. The shift is here and we’re not going back.

Rush Limbaugh: “I don’t care what the Supreme Court does. This is now inevitable.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus: “I don’t believe we need to act like Old Testament heretics. Republicans have to strike a balance between principle and grace and respect.

As a human rights issue, Same Sex Marriage is an emblem of crucial, individual entitlement to the pursuit of happiness.

(BTW, did you see the brilliant short film written by genius Jane Anderson for the series “If These Walls Could Talk?” Vanessa Redgrave played the part of an elderly woman who, like Edie Windsor, made a loving home her entire adult life with a woman. When her partner died, she automatically lost that home to the deceased’s family, with no legal rights or claims to honor her lifelong marriage. Compelling, artistic rendering of the soul of the issue at hand.)

Guest Blog: Angela Madsen

Living Life Large and chasing our dreams can take on many different forms. For some, it is accomplishing an epic feat of physical endurance, and for others it is living a life full of joy and meaning despite a string of tragic events. For some, it is both. Meet Angela Madsen, our guest blogger this week. Angela has many titles;

  • Marine
  • Athlete
  • Paraplegic
  • Cancer Survivor
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Olympian


After sustaining a serious back injury years earlier, she went into the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine 4 hour surgery to reduce her symptoms and protect her against paralysis. Instead her life changed forever. The surgery was a complete failure and 11 hours later, she was left paralyzed. At one point a physician told her “My physical condition was a waste of human life.” Most people would give up at that point. And though she was angry, depressed and in pain, she refused to give in. Her story teaches us that no matter the challenges we face, the spirit lives in us all to persevere and never give up. Today she lives life to the fullest, and as she puts it, “I have many more blessings now to count than I will ever suffer losses.“I encourage you to learn more about Angela’s story and the good work she is doing to honor and raise awareness for Military and Veteran servicemen and servicewomen.



It was second night of the “World’s Toughest Rowing Race” and we had over 2,550 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean left to row. I was surrounded by miles of ink-black ocean, engulfed by pitch-black darkness. The winds increased and the sea exploded, sending wave after wave, invisible in the darkness, crashing down upon me. Being that low to the water with the waves thundering over the boat, there is always a risk of being knocked overboard or even of the whole boat capsizing. I wore my life jacket with the built-in harness, which was attached to the safety cable that ran the length of the boat. Nearing exhaustion after having rowed all day and half way through the night, I knew I was going to have to stop rowing and rest. But with no one being on the oar, the risk of capsizing in the unpredictable waves increases.

The conditions were so bad and I was so cold that I decided to put on my one-piece survival suit. Sitting on my rowing seat I struggled as the boat was violently tossed around. I managed to get both legs in and then it became necessary to remove my lifeline leaving myself unsecured. Immediately, I was struck by a big wave and was knocked up to and over the bow of the boat. The strap on my survival suit got hooked on the spare oar stanchion long enough for me to get a hand hold on the boat. I quickly secured my line to the cable and curled up at the bow with the suit only half-way on. This was my worst night of the trip but certainly not the worst night of my life. My life did not slowly flash before my eyes. Thinking about all that had transpired in my life leading up to this challenge was all I could do while huddled up on the bow of the boat not knowing if I would see another sunrise.
From my adventure memoir Rowing Against The Wind.

I completed my row across the Atlantic with my french rowing partner, Franck Festor who spoke no English and me not understanding a word of French.

It took 66 days 23 hours and 13 minutes. From there I continued participating on the National Adaptive rowing team and found myself rowing in the 2008 Paralympic games where my boat missed the medal round by 7 hundredths of a second. BTW I am a paraplegic, a very accomplished one at that. In 2009 I was asked to Skipper a crew of 8 rowing across the Indian ocean. I find it amazing that I am seen for my abilities and my disability is not even a factor when these young men want to be the fastest to row across an ocean and set world records for speed and distance. In 58 days I became the first woman to row across the Indian Ocean in 2009. In 2010 a crew of women asked me to make a non stop circumnavigation of Great Britain. This row took 51 days and earned me the nickname Kraken. Every time the crew needed more power, could not get the anchor up or were in some other dangerous situation they would request me by saying release the Kraken.

I became a rowing sea beast that my crew counted on. The next opportunity and accomplishment would take me back across the Atlantic as skipper of a crew of 16 in the worlds first ocean rowing catamaran. I have racked up more than 230 days at sea and 6 Guinness world records for rowing across oceans. I took 2012 off rowing to participate at the 2012 Paralympic games where I won a Bronze Medal for Shot put and now I am returning to ocean rowing to complete my first ocean rowing solo crossing of the Mid Pacific Ocean…2,300 miles from Santa Cruz to Waikiki.

I begin on June 8 2013, World Oceans Day. There is no support boat and all food and supplies have to be carried on my little solar powered row boat. I will have a satellite transponder beacon so people can follow online and I will be blogging and podcasting. My Website with more biographical information as well as pictures and video is and my dedicated Face book page for the row is Military & Veteran Tribute Row

~ Angela Madsen

Come on My Morning Walk! Tuesday March 12th, 8:30am CDT

Want to Take You on My Morning Walk, Won’t You Come?

People always ask me, “Where do you get your courage? How do you keep going? Why are you so fearless? What can I do to get unstuck? When do you lose confidence?

And the truth is, all of these questions can be boiled down to one: How can I help you to overcome that fear, that doubt, that grief that’s been holding you back from chasing your dreams?

Here is the answer and my best kept secret.

Take a morning walk with me.

For anyone who has ever seen me speak, you may already have the insider scoop on my love for early morning walks. They get the blood flowing, the heart beating, and the mind churning. And, best of all, they offer us a new beginning that is fresh with no mistakes. They invite us allto start again, to re-committ, and to stake our claim for the dreamer within.

If you really want to get fired up this 2013, then come on my morning walk with me.

Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can join me for FREE!

This is your best chance to Ask Me Anything, to Share Your Stories, and to Post Your Purpose!

If you’re feeling like your New Year’s resolutions have gotten away from you, then this is your mission to accomplish.

Please see the details below and put my morning walk on your calendars for this big event THIS TUESDAY!



* Come on my morning walk + reignite the drive to chase your dreams!

ONLY Tuesday March 12th, 8:30am CDT
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* This rare event is happening LIVE in Austin for SXSW and VIRTUALLY for everyone anywhere!

If you are attending VIRTUALLY, do this now:

  • Tell your friends and plan a group walk in your neighborhood for this Tues at 8:30am CDT
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  • Wherever you are, Tweet and Facebook me with #WalkWithDiana + #TheOtherShore + #SXSW hashtags
  • I’ll be live tweeting and facebooking and posting pics to Instagram from 8:30am – 9:30am CDT on Tuesday
  • Post these ready made tweets on Tuesday during your Virtual Walk at 8:30am CDT {just click on them} and Share Your Stories. I’ll reply!

Proud to #WalkWithDiana + #TheOtherShore Tues March 12, 8:30am in downtown #Austin AND #Virtually. Whatever your ‘Other Shore’ is, #GetThere

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Tuesday’s #WalkWithDiana is more than a morning walk w/ @DianaNyad at @SXSW. It’s a campaign to #LetGo of #Fear & to reach your #OtherShore

Show me your commitment by tweeting me RIGHT NOW:
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I believe in you and I want you to as well.

If you are attending LIVE in Austin,
this event is FREE and you do not need a ticket nor any SXSW badge. EVERYONE is welcome!

*We will be starting OUTSIDE the Austin Convention Center.

*Meeting place is on the corner of Trinity and Cesar Chaves. There’s a staircase and a sidewalk. Here is the map !

*We’re planning an easy and natural 30-40min walk with a 10min welcome by me!

*All levels of walkers welcome!

*Getting Here: There’s a metro station on 4th street {and Trinity} directly behind Austin Convention Center, making it easy for people to get here. We encourage locals to walk or bike in.


Whatever your other shore is, get there.

I want you to stake a claim with this 30-40min walk and to make a commitment to let go of whatever fear, doubt, and grief has been holding you back from your dreams.

This is more than a walk. This is your chance to ask me your burning curiosities, to gain support, plus to build community and accountability for your dreams. This walk is strengthening the heart, retraining the mind, and trimming down fears.

So, I ask you. Are you ready to come on my morning walk with me?

Put this LIVE and VIRTUAL event in your calendars RIGHT NOW and I will see you this Tuesday at 8:30am CDT.