Box Jellyfish spotted 10am

Box Jellyfish Spotted
Monday September 2, 2013 at 10am. Swim Time: 49:00
reported by: Katie Leigh

Angel showing the large moon jellies we are currently seeing. Additionally, the first box jellyfish of the entire trip was spotted and collected. It did not have any tentacles. Diana is still wearing her jellyfish suit and got a reapplication of sting stopper on her hands, face and feet.

Divers are swimming in the water ahead of Diana looking for jellyfish. Handlers and kayakers are continually yelling to Diana: “Follow the streamer!” so that she stays in a path that the divers have already checked for jellyfish. Diana responds, “I’ve never been able to follow it in my life!” The entire crew aboard Voyager laughs because it’s true.



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