Doctor’s Report 715am – 730am

Condition Report
Monday September 2, 2013 at 715am. Swim Time: 46:15
reported by: Katie Leigh

Dr. Kot reports that Diana’s tongue and lips are swollen causing her speech to be slurred. He and Dr. Covington are concerned about Diana’s airways, but have not intervened.

Diana has gotten very cold, so the handlers were not stopping her to eat and drink overnight in the hopes that swimming would keep her warm. Additionally it was difficult to get her oriented to the boat and where to go in the dark.

Both doctors were aboard Voyager all night long to monitor Diana’s condition.

Diana’s Condition Report, First Light
Monday, 7:30 a.m., Swim time: 46:31

When the whistle blew for Diana’s first feeding stop since before midnight, it took her longer than normal to reach Voyager and Handlers Bonnie, Pauline and Lois Ann, who were positioned on the swim platform near the water’s edge.

Bonnie first began by explaining to Diana that it would take longer than expected to reach Key West due to a change in currents. Diana’s lips and tongue were swollen, but her speech was understandable and she asked, “How far is it?” Navigator John Bartlett was consulted and the message was relayed to Diana: 6.5 miles.

Bonnie noted that Diana was talking and breathing better now than earlier in the night. She then explained to Diana that she would need to keep her jellyfish suit on for one more hour, until she got through the reef. There have been reports of moon jellies in that area. She also reapplied “sting stopper” to Diana’s forehead, cheeks and chin. “Don’t get it on my nose or eyes,” Diana said, still calling the shots after 46.5 hours of swimming.

Diana touched her head and noticed that her swim cap was missing. It had fallen off earlier in the night. When asked if she wanted a new one, she nodded yes, but didn’t wait for Lois Ann to return with it. Instead, she gave a small fist pump and started stroking again.

Within 10 minutes of starting, Bonnie said, “She’s really hurting,” and blew the whistle, telling Diana to swim breaststroke. “Your arms are really tired. Only until we take the suit off. Then you can swim crawl again for the rest of the time.” Diana nodded and did one breaststroke, then stopped and said, “I don’t want to do it,” and went back to swimming the crawl. ONWARD!


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