First Night Is Over

photo Christi Barli

Sunday 10:05am EST 18:22 Swim time

Despite a difficult night of multiple jellyfish stings, on her lips, forehead, hands, and neck, some of them from box jellyfish, Diana Nyad has progressed 21.7 statute miles from Havana, Cuba, toward the Florida shores after 18 hours of swimming, and is still stroking at her regular pace of 50 strokes per minute.

Oleandus Jellyfish
photo Christi Barli

Cheered by her crew as she swam toward the side of her escort boat, Voyager, for a feeding this morning, she gave the thumbs up, and crew members within earshot heard her ask, “How are you doing?”

Jellyfish expert Angel Yanagihara and unnamed shark diver
photo Christi Barli

Diana also said, “Today is more like swimming. I don’t know what you would call last night…probably surviving.”

In fact, according to open water swim Observer, Steve Munatones, and the swimmer’s navigator, John Bartlett, Diana made good progress during the night amidst the swarms and through a continuous one-foot chop of waves, both particularly unfriendly to swimmers. At present the current is no longer against her.

–Candace Lyle Hogan aboard Quest

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