Fourth Jellyfish Sting


Sunday 12:33am EST 8:50 Swim time

Official Observer Steve Munatones speaking over the VHF: “Diana has gone 11.5 nautical miles. There are box and other types of jellyfish around her. She was hit at 12:33 a.m. on her forehead by box jellyfish. Since the hits the last two times were on the lips and forehead, Diana is swimming backstroke right now—leading with the cap-covered part of her head to try to minimize contact. There are so many jellyfish that the handlers had to move their position as the water was lapping stings over their feet and legs. Angel described it as a ‘double whammy’ of jellyfish in terms of the tide and the astronomical position. There are jellyfish particles everywhere.
–Candace Hogan, reporting from aboard Quest in the Florida Straits

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