Hot Chocolate

photo via delia creates

Sunday 3:15AM EST 11:32 Swim Time

Angie Sollinger, Christi Barli, and Candace Lyle Hogan are staying up all night to report the good news: At her 3:15 a.m. feeding, Diana asked for pasta and hot chocolate! Minutes later, Danny Lintz, one of the boat crew ferrying various personnel to and from their shifts on the escort boat, says over the VHF: “Good news: the organism swarms are getting fewer and far between—now coming only every five minutes.”

Ops Chief Mark Sollinger replies: “That is good news. And we haven’t had anymore incidents for the last couple hours, so that’s good, too. I think if we can just make it through to daybreak, she be all right for the day.”

–Angie Sollinger, reporting from aboard Quest in the Florida Straits

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