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Two years ago on September 2, 2013, my Xtreme Dream Teammates and I walked up onto a crowded Smathers Beach in Key West, FL, after swimming 110.86 miles from Havana, Cuba, in 52 hrs, 54 mins. Now, I am sincerely proud to present the story of this epic life adventure to the public in my memoir, Find a Way. The words I spoke to the crowd on the beach that day — Never Ever Give Up, You’re Never Too Old to Chase Your Dreams, It’s looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a Team — they came from my heart and I have now heard from literally millions of good people around the world, realizing this was not an athletic event. It was a moment that Everyman and Everywoman can take to your own lives, to live out your own dreams, to Find a Way to whatever other shore touches your soul.

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