Navigator’s Report: 930pm 9/1/13

Navigator’s Report from John Bartlett
9:30 p.m., 36:31 Swim time

Diana has now swum farther than anyone else who has attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida! As of 9:30 p.m., she has swum 80.38 miles! She has already traveled through the main flow of the Gulf Stream and is currently swimming though its outer fringes. She is getting a little northerly current on the edge on an eddy that is in her favor. She is still right on course and no adjustments have been made.

Conditions have remained steady throughout the afternoon and evening.

Her average speed as of 8 p.m. and 35 hours of swimming was 2.2 mph.

Diana still faces a couple challenges ahead: 1) Water spilling through the Keys from the Gulf of Mexico nearshore, and 2) General tidal waters as she moves closer to the Keys.

Currents are expected to be smaller, but less predictable outside the reef as Diana gets closer to her destination.



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