Squall “nearly stationary over Diana”

Monday 2:30am EDT 34:47 Swim time

The storm was dying down, but it picked up again. Currently it is nearly stationary over Diana. The decision was made to wait for the squall to blow over. Ops Chief Mark Sollinger has been in close contact with Vanessa Linsley who is monitoring the radar in Key West.

Since it is not moving, they are now trying to find a path out of the storm. They have decided to begin moving north and west, close to the course that will take them to Key West anyways. Diana is safe, feeling strong and is now swimming again.

About an hour ago, the GPS tracker stopped sending location data. There is lots of lightning out there and the storm is blowing right on top of Diana. The signal is most likely being blocked by the storm.

All the warm calm weather from earlier today is now churning with the upper atmosphere, creating lightning, rain and winds. As they say in Key West, it’s kind of like like mixing a mojito!

–Alex de Cordoba in Los Angeles

Storm satellite photo from NOAA

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