Status Update: 1:27am September 2, 2013

Status Update
1:27am Monday September 2, 2013. Swim time: 40:27
Reported by: Candace Hogan

The Diana Nyad Extreme Dream Team got the flotilla back in normal formation quickly, as soon as it was decided that we were free of the storm. The exchange of independent observers was accomplished, and after arriving from the Voyager onto the social media team boat, Dreams Do Come True, Independent Observer Roger McVeigh explained what it was like on Diana’s escort boat during the storm, going into squall protocol.

It happened quick and it came together in a hurry, said Roger. Diana was great, they just circled her and she kept on swimming. The shark team was amazing: let’s go to it, and everyone was in action. It was well organized, that’s for sure.

Eyes on Diana the whole time, running around the boat, the rest of the shark guys all five of them were there in a flash.

They got in formation: a big circle of lights around Diana and they just started drifting away.

By the way, Bonnie just told Diana “See those lights? Let’s go!”



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