Update 11pm September 1, 2013: Swim Time: 38:00

Update Reported by Candace Hogan
September 1, 2013 at 11pm. Swim Time: 38:00

At 38 hours into the swim, 11 p.m. at night, winds rose suddenly reaching 23 knots twenty minutes later. At that time, the Nyad team went into squall protocol to bring the kayakers out of the water (kayaks are uncontrollable under these circumstances) for their safety. The shark divers, who have been keeping watch over Diana along with the kayakers, are staying with Diana, with more quickly being added.

Everybody on board Voyager is battened down and Diana is still swimming strong, says Ops Chief John Berry.

Prepare for the worst, hoping for the best,î is the response over the radio.

All five boats are keeping a safe distance from each other but we can all still see each others lights.

Hearing over VHF radio, communication between the five boats in our flotilla: reports saying that this isolated thunderstorm, fairly typical in the Gulf Stream, is breaking into two little pieces, and there’s another one aimed right at us, 8 miles out at 34:45 swim time. I don’t know if you can see Diana or not but she is still making her way. We can almost see the glow of Key West.

From shark divers Zodiac boat: we’re going to do a safe pass-by down wind, to check on Diana and our divers, and Bonnie wants to talk to us.

Does every individual in the water have a light on them?

Roger. Affirmative.

Hour 38:54 swim time, down to 14.4 knots; 39:02, down to 13.5 knots.

Warning to shark divers and Diana: In a mile we will go from 1800 feet of water, down to a 1000, down to 900, which could spell danger from jellyfish, so shark divers and Diana keep your head as high out of the water as possible.

Everyone I can see or hear seems calm, in control, and confident that the weather will pass swiftly enough.

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