Update 1pm Feeding Sunday September 1, 2013

1pm on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013. Swim time: 28 hours

At her 1 p.m. feeding, Diana mentioned pressure in her lungs, but no trouble breathing. She did not attribute the feeling to asthma. Dr. Covington and Dr. Kot were called over to Voyager to check her vitals and they reported that her blood pressure is normal and her lungs are clear.

Diana’s speech was difficult to understand at first due to swelling from saltwater intake. Handler Pauline passed her a big chuck of ice to suck on and her speech improved.

She called for Navigator John Bartlett to come down to the swim platform to ask him a question. “Is the current still with me?” she asked. “Can I take a longer break?”

“Yes, it is.” replied John. “If you need it, take it.”

“I need it,” Diana responded.

Diana spoke of the difficulty she had swimming through the night. “It almost broke me,” she said. When shark diver Niko, swimming in the water beside her, said “Isn’t this a beautiful day?” She said, “I’m not enjoying it much. I wish I were.”

Diana was eating well, taking several bites of scrambled eggs, saying “Oh, I’ll take that.” when offered some pasta.

Diana’s schedule is now to stop every 40 minutes for feeding.


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