Update 9pm. Swim Time: 36:01

Reported by: Katie Leigh
9 p.m. Sunday, Swim time: 36:01

Diana is still swimming in her jellyfish suit, but has not put on the protective mask. Shark divers jump in the water every 15 minutes to scout for any signs of box jellyfish or other stinging jellyfish-type creatures. At the first sighting of anything out-of-the-ordinary, Diana will put on the special mask to protect her.

After the whistle blows, Diana’s first words to her handlers at her 9 p.m. feeding are, “I started hallucinating.”

“OK. Thank you for telling us,” replies Bonnie. “And because you’re telling us, you’re not hallucinating that much. And I’m hallucinating also. I’m seeing a big forest out there.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” says Diana.

“There’s unicorns and rainbows,” adds kayaker Darlene, positioned nearby.

Diana’s speech is difficult to understand because her tongue is swollen. The doctors gave her medication about 30 minutes earlier to help reduce the swelling, but it hasn’t taken affect yet. Diana says her throat is also swollen and she happily takes a piece of ice to suck on.

Diana is resistant when Bonnie tries putting on the “sting stopper” and asks if Angel is in the water. Bonnie says yes and calls out, “Are you guys seeing anything?”

“No it’s clear,” says Angel. She hasn’t seen any jellyfish. Bonnie persuades Diana to put on the salve, anyway. “I don’t feel comfortable with you going without it,” she says.

Diana asks for something warm, but the handlers don’t have anything for her. It’s coming in 20 minutes. I’m so sorry. It’s on its way,” says Bonnie. “A lot of warm. This is your last cool, so we just have to make it a quick stop. Your last cold one. I promise.”

The seas are fairly calm and the winds are light, but Diana is having trouble holding a steady position in front of the swim platform where the handlers are kneeling. “Boat. I’m hitting the boat,” she says.

In the true spirit of teamwork and protection, shark diver Jason, who is scouting the area around Diana for jellyfish and sharks, immediately gets between Diana and the boat. “You’ll hit me, Diana, you won’t hit the boat,” he says.

Diana asks for the smoothie beverage that’s been a favorite of hers on this swim. “I can’t understand how you can drink that stuff, Diana,” says Bonnie. I hope you never drink it again.”

Diana declines a sandwich and decides to wait for the hot food that will be available for her next feeding, in about 20 minutes.


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