Update from Bonnie, 8pm

Update from Bonnie
Saturday August 31, 2013, 8:00 p.m. EDT, Swim time: 11:01

Head Handler Bonnie Stoll updated us on how Diana was feeling during her 11th hour of swimming.

“Her attitude is excellent. She’s not her jovial self, per se, and that’s good. We want her to take as little time as she possibly can during these feeds.

“Nobody has seen any jellyfish other than the regular plankton that we’re going to see all the time. So, no, she has not been stung at all.

“She is swimming as strong as she possibly can. She does 51 strokes a minute all day, and with the suit on and the prosthetic mask, she slows down a little bit to about 47 strokes a minute, and that’s just about perfect. So, she’s in good shape.

“One thing none of us has to worry about is her hydration. She is hydrated. We feed her all day as much as possible: a lot of peanut butter, a lot bananas, a lot of bread, a lot of honey, ginger and some energy bars. This evening we started giving her a little pasta to keep her warmer. Hydration all night, all day. She is very hydrated.



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