Updates: 17th and 19th Hour

Update reported by Candace as of 2:30 a.m. Sunday Sept. 1: 17th hour 27 min. swim time

Diana doing well and her Voyager escort crew feeling upbeat; glad the storms didn’t materialize. On last feeding Diana said she was feeling a little weak (she can only take in fluids wearing the protective gear). So head handler Bonnie decided to make feedings every 30 minutes till sunrise instead of every hour. (With the rising of the sun Diana tends to always feel stronger; it’s also when she can take off protective suit and mask and feel free of their restrictiveness.) Jellyfish expert Angel is concerned about a possible upswell of jellies around 3 or 3:30 a.m.

Independent Observer Roger MacVeigh said that around midnight Diana asked whether anybody knew she was out here. Roger suggested that we send some news about any media coverage or messages from people on her website to Voyager to pass along to Diana because he thinks it will fire her up even more.

Freighters do pass through these channels and tend to go on automatic while their captains sleep, and they can’t be roused. This happened on one of Diana’s 24-hr. training swims in 2010. Right now there is a ship we’re all looking at—can see only some lights on it. One of the captains in our flotilla got on the VHF radio.

Update addition at 3:30 a.m., 18th hour 30 minutes swim time

Wind has picked up to 15 knots suddenly. Half hour ago larger red light from cabin on Diana’s Voyager escort, probably Angel looking at samples of the water for signs of jellies but not sure. I caught Bonnie on the VHF radio during one of her rare breaks, just wanted to let her know that everybody knows Diana is out here and is pulling for her. We’ve had the website crash a couple of times, don’t know the details, but think it went right back up. Told her when webmeister Alex wakes up he can be more specific about relaying any messages from supporters out there on dry land. Bonnie said Diana’s doing great, they’re busy right now being watchful for critters, but Diana will be glad to know of the support.

“That always gives her lift,” she said, adding, “and try and find out whether Nadal won, will you?” Of course I’m not sure who that is or even if I got the name right—Diana and Bonnie are the fervent sports fans—but is it the tennis open that’s on? Haven’t a clue how I’d find out either, out here in the middle of nowhere with the wind whistling in my ears. Alex is the tech guy, maybe he can find out.

BTW, needless to say? but just to make sure you know, cell phones don’t work out here though our SAT phone sometimes does, when it keeps a charge. It’s something of a technological feat that we’re able to get any word out at all from here. People need to eat and whenever someone turns the microwave on, the computer goes down along with the AC and electricity. Not complaining, only letting you know it’s just us, Dawn, Katie, Alex, and me trying our best to keep you updated on Diana’s progress and the great support work of team members on the five boats following her. No broadcast or print media personnel came on the trip this time—hey Press, having too much fun on your holiday weekend are ye? Oh yeah, well so are we! Just saw our second shooting star.



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