Web Stats 2013

Chris from the Web Team here with a summary of the visits Diana’s site got during her incredible swim.

Visits were significantly higher than her August 2012 attempt:

(Click any of these images for the full view – many are clipped.)

All told, Diana received over 1 million visits for her swim, from over 600,000 unique visitors.

As Google notes, this was an increase of “1,276.67%” – to the visitor that gave us that extra .67%, Google noticed. They care.

Users visited from all over the world, but the US dominated as usual; it’s unfortunate we can’t show this heatmap with the US excluded to better show international visitors.

The one region that differed significantly was the UK – down significantly, presumably because of the significant number of people visiting the 2012 Olympics last year who shared an interest in Diana’s swim:

Given the US was the majority of visits, here’s a breakdown by state, with states that touch an ocean expressing the most interest in a swim through the ocean: