Spoke last Friday night to a high-energy crowd of millennials in NYC, called WeWork. They refuse to go the deadened cubicle route. They transform buildings into innovative, free work spaces where the collaborative and fluid environment prompts entrepreneurs to collaborate and inspire each other.

The building where I appeared for them is an old, storied JP Morgan space on Wall Street. WeWork gutted it down to expansive concrete floors. The sense of community, sharing software, marketing, and recruiting ideas is palpable.

WeWork is today the fastest growing company in the world, having quickly expanded to15 cities in four countries. I’m a fan.

Well, due to my evening-hour finish with WeWork, I must say I was caught in the blizzard nightmare of NYC and wound up somehow spending the night on the Dallas Airport floor, along with 60 or so other stranded passengers. Ah, the joys of life on the road.

How can I complain when many people suffered greatly through the storm and its aftermath.

Hope all you East Coasters are well on the way to full recovery!